Dutch TRC combines business and pleasure in Florida. Erik Noordam operates his real estate business from two countries: the Netherlands and the USA; more specifically Amsterdam and Florida. A native of Holland, Erik spent time in Florida as a child with his parents. While vacationing there in 2006 with his wife, Erik was inspired to set up a transcontinental business.

Erik Noordam, owner of Noordam Management B.V. in Amsterdam, has very close business ties to Florida, including maintaining a Florida real estate license and membership in the US National Association of Realtors®. Erik’s ties to Florida may be long distance, but they are an integral part of his business and go back many years. In the 1970s Erik’s parents bought a condo in Marco Island where his family spent holidays. Erik’s wife, Judith, who shares his love of Florida, also traveled frequently with her parents to Miami as a child.

While on vacation in Florida in 2006 Erik and Judith (pictured right) met a project developer who asked the couple to market a new development in Europe. While the project never was built, it spurred the idea for an international networking and marketing initiative to market Florida properties to Dutch buyers. The ideaErik and Judith Noordam evolved into Florida Living, which provides professional services to Dutch buyers seeking Florida real estate for personal and/or investment purposes.

Erik came to international real estate with a strong business background. He had been active in international business and trade for about 15 year when he took an assignment as a director for a group of real estate companies in the Netherlands dealiing with commercial real estate investors and property management. The combination of international and real estate was perfect combination. He is aided by language skills that include English, German and Spanish. “The Netherlands is a small but internationally focused country, so we must speak other languages,” says Erik.

While the international brokerage component of Noordam Management is relatively small in the big picture, Erik says it’s “fun to do and rewarding to help investors and buyers with their international acquisitions.” Erik works directly with investors, although Florida Living has mostly Dutch clients looking for residential properties for use as a second or holiday home. With Florida Living, he works exclusively as a buyer broker and international real estate advisor. The organization works on referral business and co-brokerage, and also markets new homes.

The business isn’t all one direction, however. He also works with international investors and Dutch expats looking to buy or rent residential accommodations in Holland. “Our investor clients come primarily from North America and Western Europe, although we’re seeing increased business from Asia,” says Erik.

An Orlando broker holds Erik’s Florida real estate license and manages the Florida-based team. Erik manages the real estate team in the Netherlands and organizes project teams for all international transactions for his Dutch clients. He typically travels to Florida several times a year and will be attending the MIAMI International Real Estate Congress in November.

It was during one of these visits in 2010 that Erik completed the TRC course, offered by the MIAMI Association of Realtors®. “Having a TRC shows you have an interest in dealing with international clients, so I recommend taking the course and network if you want to deal with foreign clients,” says Erik. “However, you must actively participate in the network in order to get business.” Erik has used the TRC network to connect with Florida brokers–one of whom regularly travels to Amsterdam and receives referral business from Erik. “As a TRC, I can trust him for taking care of my client in a professional manner.”

Erik reports that while he’s pleased to report that he has never had a referral issue that would have required arbitration, he uses the TRC referral form. “It has value for the referring agent, if needed.” In Holland, Erik is affiliated with the Amsterdam real estate brokers association (MVA), the local chapter of the Dutch association of real estate brokers and experts (NVM).

“It’s great to be working in an international setting,” says Erik. Both my wife and I have a passion for the Sunshine State and isn’t it great to combine work with pleasure when in Florida?” Yes it is, Erik.

Find Erik at WorldProperties.com under or visit his LinkedIn page.