Costs when purchasing property in the USA are not standard. It depends on the purchase amount, services needed, mortgage amount and negotiations with the seller who is paying for which items. Much depends on local practice and negotiation. Generally an estimate of closing costs will be between 1.5 and 2.5 percent of the purchase amount. This costs are generally seller’s costs. For buyers it depends on multiple variables including the deal structure. Here are some charges involved when transferring property in Florida:
State transfer taxes. State documentary stamp tax on deeds (Stamp duty) and  state documentary stamp tax on notes (Stamps on notes), together somewhat over 1% of the purchase price (check for updated information !), and when the purchase of property is financed State intangible tax on new mortgages (Intangible on new mortgages) being $ 0.002 per $ 1 of debt at time of writing. Always check costs and taxes before you venture into buying real estate!
Property taxes. As prorated expenses since property taxes are paid in arrears.
Legal costs (and Notary): as agreed between parties.
Surveyor’s fees and inspection fees: as agreed between parties.
Sale commissions/ Real estate agent’s fees. The seller is normally responsible for paying the commission. Buyer’s agents are usually paid from the sale commission by the seller through the listing agent as agreed in the listing contract. In some cases the buyer may be responsible for the buyer’s agents fees. Check this out in advance.
VAT: not applicable
Title search and insurance premiums. All properties in the USA must have the befenit of titile insurance. Homeowner’s insurance is obviously taken out as well.
Homeowners’ Association fees (community fees) when buying a condominium.
Closing statement problems frequently arise when the buyer is without a team of specialists, and usually just before closing. A cash reconciliation statement summarizes the entire transaction and should be presented to you before closing (not at closing). Make sure you will get the proper team of people to guide you through this process.